JUSTVOTE is a simple, cost effective interactive handheld voting system.

Whether you are chairing a quiz or conducting an enaging interactive question and answer session at an event or conference - JUSTVOTE technology and software makes us one of the world’s leading response systems.

Price Match Offer

Though we believe JUSTVOTE offers excellent value for money, we are keen to assist all prospective purchasers.

We will consider any genuine quotation for an alternative voting system and try to match or beat the price.

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Compatible with -

Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2007

What makes JUSTVOTE different?

Testimonials - what are they saying?
Cost Effective
JUSTVOTE is one of the most cost effective Radio Frequency (RF) response systems currently available with prices starting at only £319. Each system comes complete with Site licenced software, Receiver, Master handset, Student handsets, 3 years warranty. Price Match Offer
PowerPoint ® Compatibility
JUSTVOTE is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint so a novice user can be writing questions in seconds with the simple add-in to PowerPoint. No need to learn a complicated authoring package.
Handset Range
JUSTVOTE uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology that provides an increased range and negates the need for line of sight between the receiver and the handsets. This ensures that answers are registered first time.
Simplicity of Use
We sincerely believe that what makes technology really stand out is the ability for all levels of user to be comfortable with it as quickly as possible. With this in mind JUSTVOTE is designed to be used effectively within 30 minutes of opening the packet.
Look and Feel
When we were designing JUSTVOTE we wanted to ensure that the user was presented with an interface that they were familiar and comfortable with so JUSTVOTE has a Windows look and feel that allows the user to use the system without learning new icons or symbols. The handsets themselves are ergonomically designed for use by both adults and children.
We believe so highly in our product that each system comes with a full three year mechanical failure warranty.
Office 2010 and Windows 7 Compatibility
JUSTVOTE has been tested for compatibility with both Microsoft Office 2010 and all Microsoft Windows 7. However it is also designed to work seamlessly with older version of both Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office products therefore ensuring maximum interoperability with your systems.
If you are looking for a simple system for the occasional quiz or survey or a system that can be used with 100’s, or even 1,000s, of users and compile detailed and varied statistics on their responses then JUSTVOTE is the product for you.

What does it look like?

Main Console Interface

Main Console Interface

Show Instant Feedback

Show Instant Feedback

Reporting Tool

Reporting Tool

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How much does it cost?

With prices starting from £319 for 5 units - JUSTVOTE is one of the most cost effective voting system solutions on the market.

For a free demonstration or a competitive quote contact info@just-vote.co.uk

Number of Handsets Price *
5 £319
10 £459
15 £599
20 £739
25 £879
30 £1,019
35 £1,159
40 £1,299
45 £1,439
50 £1,579
55 £1,719
60 £1,859
65 £1,999
70 £2,139
75 £2,279
80 £2,419
85 £2,559
90 £2,699
95 £2,839
100 £2,979
105 £3,119
110 £3,259
115 £3,399
120 £3,539
125 £3,679
130 £3,819
135 £3,959
140 £4,099
145 £4,239
150 £4,379
200 + 2 receivers £5,948
250 + 2 receivers £7,349
300 + 3 receivers £8,917
350 + 3 receivers £10,317
400 + 4 receivers £11,886
450 + 4 receivers £13,286
500 + 5 receivers £14,855
Services Price *
Familiarisation training from £350
* Prices exclude VAT