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I have never used interactive group response systems for training delivery before, but the JustVote handheld voting system was both easy to set up and easy to use, as well as being highly portable, which was important to me.

During my training delivery, I was able to easily use JustVote, with it intergrated with my PowerPoint presentation. Participants were engaged by the voting and I learned more about my own performance and delivery of training.

I was also able to grade the level of questioning within the question slides, which helped with my reporting. Just Vote fully integrates with PowerPoint and so I had no problem creating the slides (with the editor package included). With JustVote, the "classroom environment" becomes far more interactive and engaging.

My participants just voted along with the easy to use keypads and afterward we took a look at the results. It is fascinating to see how people become very involved, even those who are shy and would not participate otherwise. And most importantly, they were having fun whilst learning. I definitely would recommend JustVote for your audience response system solution.

Lee F –Tendring Citizens Advice Bureau – Financial Capability Tutor November 2009